Press kit

Clockwork Moon Ltd
Oxfordshire, UK

Released on:
May 31, 2015 (Android)
June 11, 2015 (iPhone® & iPad®)





What is Scatty Rat?

Scatty Rat is a procedurally-generated maze-running game. 

The game started with the idea of navigating a 2D space in three dimensions – by punching through a wall to go into the wallspace. By making the wall slightly transparent, players can still see objects in the room while navigating the wallspace maze, moving around objects that would otherwise be impassable or difficult to reach. Additional goals – such as saving lab rats and beating secret levels – were added to make the game even more challenging, although the overall premise was to create a simple and fun maze-crawler that people could play as they liked. 

Scatty Rat is currently available on Android, with iPhone and iPad releases coming soon.


★ Simple: One finger control. Just pick up and play!
★ Platforming: Avoid obstacles and nasties by leaping or digging into the wallspace.
★ Puzzles: Find your way through the wallspace maze.
★ Groove: Kick back to retro 8-bit tunes while you play.
★ Treasure: Boost your score by finding secret rooms and hidden loot.
★ Challenge: Rescue lab rats or fling them at stuff to reach treasure or get rid of nasties.
★ Replay: Repeat previous levels to improve your score.
★ Endless: Millions of levels – never play the same level twice!
★ Customisable: Numerous options let you tweak almost every facet of the game, including difficulty, level seeds, hazards and maze sizes. 

Who is Clockwork Moon?

Clockwork Moon was founded in 2007 by the husband-wife team, Gerry and Monika Hocks. They’ve always had a passion for gaming, and but it wasn’t until 2014 that they decided to write their own games. 

Gerry has been cutting code since the late eighties. An experienced software engineer, he’s worked numerous projects, including a AAA title. In his spare time, Gerry plays guitar and has released two instrumental albums. 

Monika started off in programming before moving on to user-interface design and quality assurance. In her spare time she works on a YA scifi novel that doesn’t include zombies or vampires.


Game: Gerrard Hocks
Music/Sound: Gerrard Hocks
Art: Gerrard and Monika Hocks